Custom Tube & Vial Packaging

Tubes are an ideal option for sampling products that may require multiple uses. They are easy to use, portable, travel friendly and convenient. We offer tubes in a wide range of sizes with fill amounts as low as 1mL to 30mL of product up to finished products filled with 60mL. We can customize the tube with flat caps, bevel tips, or needle-nose tubes. Tube packaging is versatile and will add the value you desire of your brand.

Identipak offers different types of vials. Whether it’s for fragrances, oils, essential oils or cosmetics, we’ve got you covered. Our lip gloss tubes are also very popular for sampling different gloss shades. The easy, twist applicator makes it perfect for sampling just a bit of your favorite gloss shades. Identipak can source your custom tube and vial packaging for your component needs.

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Starting MOQ 25,000